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with jacket items to wear of the occasions

To all the women who never give me attention or even the time of day. I happen to have feelings that get hurt very easily. I have a great body and a gorgeous set of incredibly long muscular legs. Bulging biceps and deep beautiful hazel eyes that cry when my spirit needs cleansing. I'm warm, very intelligent and a 162 IQ. I'm a large man who'd protect you yet I'm very peaceful and my heart gets broken easily. I don't get jealous over other guys but I love being the center of ... attention. My sense of humor is that of Jerry Seinfeld and I can make anyone laugh to forget their troubles for a while. I'm lonely and I'm a huge animal lover. I'm a workout freak who puts in hours of strength and conditioning everyday. I may not be the best looking man in the world, my teeth needs work but one should never judge anyone by their teeth but only in the eyes. Yes I cry too. I'm looking for a woman who can understand the above yet can see past my disabilities and see a wonderful man who'd never cheat on you and slow dance with you under the moonlit night in late July. If you think you are the woman who fits into this category please reply back. I'm looking now. I'm a 50 year young man in phenomenon physical condition that needs a companion in my life now. Thanks for your time. with jacket items to wear of the occasions

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