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wedding outfits made of silk

On my 52nd birthday (in a few days time) I hadn't had a period. My doctor in the US said a year after you stop your period then I'll be going through my meno. My GP in the U.K. said after two years then they class me as going through meno.
Well with all the symptoms I know I'm going through it. I can handle the hot flushes(flashes), I can handle that it's inevitable all of us go through hormone changes etc but I can't handle the pain my body endures. I do keep busy, I dance ... hula, clean houses for a few people and work three days. I have a nine year old who asked me the other day, mum why is it I'm nice one minute and the not nice the next. Its breaks my heart that this is what he sees. I'm very blessed because I have friends all going through similar things and I can vent, but there's only so much one can take. My hubby is supportive but he's now been diagnosed with blood cancer and is on a minimal dosage of chemo tablets for life. wedding outfits made of silk
I constantly pray for healing.

I hope you all don't mind me sharing this with you because I just need to let it all gooooo.

Thank you for being here x

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