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wedding bridal collection in blue

Mom's!! Answer the questions about your FIRST born. The one who made you a Mom!
1. Epidural: yes
2. Father in the room? Yes
3. Were you induced?Yes
4. Know the gender beforehand? Yes ...
5. Due date? March 14 th 1986
6. Birth date?- March 3 Rd 1986
7. Morning sickness? Yes ( early)
8. Food cravings?- Lemon meringue pie-( I ate an entire pie by myself- in the bathtub-, when I was 8 mos. pregnant wedding bridal collection in blue
10. Sex of the baby? boy
11. Place you gave Birth? Ashland ky
12. Hours in labor? 17!!!!!
13. Weight: 7lbs 13 oz.
14. Name: Brandon Powell Spears
15. Age now: 31
*Come on Mamas! Let's hear your story! Copy and paste.

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