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unique wedding dresses with color

Good Gracious Morning my Good People. It is Testimony Friday. I started school a year late because I stayed sick with Bronchitis, the Flu, Colds and other complications. I was given permission to skip a year because of it. When I was 3 or 4, I took speech therapy. When I was in school, I dealt with sickness, bullies, mean teachers, and a learning disability but I still took regular classes. I over came those obstacles. I missed school a lot due to being sick too. I just had ... to study harder than anybody else. I studied even on the weekends to try to keep up with my classes. I passed every grade, every year. I never had to go to summer school but hard work and studying paid off. I graduated in 1991 with my class. I recall that day that I was so happy. I even took some classes at the Community College in town years later. Oh, I will never forget my Cousin/Angel Janice Erby and other Angels who would come to my rescue from being bullied. I never got beat up or had any terrible fights but I was bullied just the same. Please, talk to your kids about being bullied because children are meaner now and tougher. They don't care. GOD is good!!! Have a Wonderful and Blessed day in the LORD!! unique wedding dresses with color <3

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