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tea length dress that prom considered

If yall need a Dentist do not go to Dixie Dental in Daphne AL.
I had toothache kept me up all night Thursday, then I had to call 3 dentist before one agreed to an emergency Extraction. Dixie Dental in Daphne asked can you be here by 0ne? Got there before one, waiting in waiting room for an hour, then they called me back to room 8 and I I waited another hour, then she hands me a file folder, says. take this up front and check out. I said, but I have not been treated yet? She ... says, take it to the front office and go ahead and pay, then come back here. I had checked their web page before leaving home, and it said SIMPLE EXTRACTION = $75 up. This was a molar sitting all alone in the back, no tooth on either side, and it was loose, I could wiggle it. Yet, the bill was set at $230. Before they touched it, so how do they know if it will not be a "Simple" extraction before they try ? They claimed it was because it was booked as an emergency and it was a molar. No one there got in any hurry, nor did they empathize or care when I told them I was in a great deal of pain since the previous night. If I had not been in so much pain, and been told by other Dentist, they could not see me until Tuesday, I would have walked out. I thought about doing just that, and pulling it myself. Also, take note, when this dentist give injections of nova-cane, it is extremely painful for some reason, more painful than any other dentist has ever been. I'm recuperating today. tea length dress that prom considered

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