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tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

As of 9-21-17 it will be a month since you left me. The pain is still so real and raw. I keep hoping that every second of every day that I will wake up to this being a bad dream and that your still here. I wear a smile on my face to hide the tears and pain in my heart that I there since you left. Your sweet way of everything you did is all still so fresh in my mind and heart that it seems unreal. You where and still are my best friend and will always be. Trish you blessed me tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion ... with such Joy and love in the time I was blessed with you and was able to be your mommy, I missed you so bad this morning when I was cooking your favorite food "bacon" I kept looking down and I could see you sitting there waiting so paticently for your piece and wagging that tail of yours all excited when I'd ask you "Mama's princess ready for her bacon" god I miss you baby girl.

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