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TIME FOR AN IMPORTANT CONVERSATION WITH YOUR TEEN OR YOUNG ADULT? Words from a woman who works at local university ...
One of the unique aspects of my job is I get to learn quite a bit about what young people are dealing with in HS and college. We have long discussions about everything from drugs, parties, jobs, family, friends, school work and recently we have been discussing the ramifications of the constant barrage of inappropiate sexual behavior being broadcast daily.
I had a bunch of young women in my office yesterday and we talked about what they have experienced in terms of harassment and unwanted behavior. They all talked about receiving "dick pics" frequently. Of course I knew guys did this but what I didn't realize was that it isn't just a few but many of them do it.
I asked the girls, "is this the knew dating ritual?" and they said no its disgusting and we usually block them or ignore it but there isn't anyway to stop them from doing it. It was such a bizarre conversation and how they have just come to accept this as the new normal. I asked if they told their parents and they all said no. Then I started an unofficial survey of every female student that came in and I knew well. Everyone of the girls I asked said it happens all the time.
So I'm trying to figure out if guys are dumb enough to think their scrotum and penis pictures should be part of the dating process, if it's a way to intimidate women or they think they are being funny. Also, why the hell aren't parents talking to their boys about the proper way to handle themselves on social media and treating another human being. There are always those perverted people that get their rocks off flashing people in public but now it seems this behavior is being normalized in the world of social media. One girl met a fellow student on the bus. They got each other's numbers and texted back and forth that day. Nothing sexual and then he randomly sent her a "dick pic". short length wedding garments with lace