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short length wedding bridal wears look mini

ADULT Daughters... How well do you know your MOM? Copy, paste, and fill-in the blanks, Then tag them to give you their grade. short length wedding bridal wears look mini
Pat Howard
Now let's Be Honest:
1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching? Possibly Days of our Lives, or what ever looks interesting.
2. Usually, what dressing does she eat on her salad? I dont think I have ever seen her eat a salad. ...
3. Name something she hates?
she will say she 'hates" nothing but dislikes or despises.... a thief
4. What does she like to drink?
5. What kind of music does she like?
anything except heavy metal and rap not to big on country either.
6. What is her nickname for you?
7. What is something she loves?
Her dogs
8. What is her favorite color?
I honestly dont know, i'm going to guess blue??
9. What would she NEVER wear?
Grandma clothes
10. You bake her a cake; What kind of cake is it? pineapple upside-down.
11. Favorite animal?
her dogs
12. What could she spend all day doing?
13. Who is her favorite child?
she would say she has no favorites (but we all know its me)
14. How many grandkids does she have? 7 biological and 7 by marriage. One great grand baby on the way.
15. Favorite season?

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