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short homecoming outfits stores online

Dear Asos,

I hope you're having a wonderful AW17; after all as you say, this is the season of 'celebrating you'. In the spirit of celebrating people of all different shapes and sizes, my sister is having bridesmaids of different shapes and sizes for her wedding next year, and Asos seemed like the perfect place to help her find dresses to suit everyone. Being quite tall myself I was thrilled to see that the dress she picked offered a tall version on your website, so imagine my disappointment when not only were we sent the wrong dress, from the wrong brand in a different colour, but on return were sent a replacement 'tall' dress, from your PETITE range. Not ideal for a maxi dress, even less ideal when everyone else now has their dresses already sorted! It's great that you have stock out there for all those glorious shorter gals, but it'd be greater if you could help a tall girl out and let us know if the tall dress is actually in stock as your website claims, because if not, I'm going to have to come up with a way to shrink a good few inches from the bottom of my legs before my sisters big day. Crouching and optical illusions aside, as you can imagine that doesn't make tall feel very celebrated. The long and short of it is I'd be grateful if you could look in to this for us and help out a lovely bride before she just about loses her wedding planning marbles. short homecoming outfits stores online
Best wishes,
Beth (the giant bridesmaid)