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short and mini items in red

Turned 32 weeks last Monday and I was so sick, so unwell, that Py had to take me to the hospital on Wednesday night as I can't move a muscle. I can't sleep the whole night because everytime I move, my middle area felt like my inner thighs and and v area bones would crack! I'm having contractions in between 5-10 minutes and it wakes me up eveytime it goes intense. My eyes were so swollen, I was crying and got no good sleep at all. Only to find out that there is no cure for thi short and mini items in red ... s pain. It was just so unfortunate that I am one of those women who really is sensitive during pregnancies.

I was booked for a physio. Though it was categorised as "urgent", the clinic didn't give me a call after more than a week. The pain still kills me that there is nothing that I really can do at home. Even staying in bed isn't a good option. But I thank God I feel better today, and i was able to clean the house and even do the laundry, it may be so slow but at least I've done something productive.

So... I have to endure the pain until baby comes out. Can't wait!

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