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There must be a moment in your relationship when you separate two aspects of you: 'You' and what 'YOU' can offer,and be able to know which one someone loves the most. If someone loves more of you and less of what you can offer,you may enjoy more peace of mind and relaxed too,but if it's because of what you can offer,you may get frustrated in the long run because you can never offer enough and at that moment you get tired or reduce in quality of that which you can retro style wedding selections look vintage ... offer,he or she will threaten leaving you.

Most times we cheat not because we want,but because at some point,we realise that we needed someone we can be free with,someone that will cherish every moment we spend with them,someone that will see us and be happy,someone that put us first before what we can offer,that is just the person our hearts crave for and once we find him or her,it may affect our relationship with that one that values what we can offer more than Us or our presence.

We just want to be free and in the arms of the one we love rather than meeting up certain level of responsibilities before we can do so.

If someone gives you conditions to meet before you can be accepted and loved,let it be known that you are entering a prison relationship. If you accept it,it may be that there are benefits you get and trust me:if you have had enough or gotten enough of such benefits,you may likely run away in search of love without conditions.

You can imprison the body,but you can't imprison the heart and mind and it's both that control the body. Once the mind and heart are tired of the condition of the body they operate in,they may likely disturb which would lead to the death or escape of such body.

Hence,learn to love people first before what they can offer. Also,learn to give way for others to show how they can love you in their own way,and learn to give them room to express their mind rather than locking up and looking for opportunity to escape.
You can't control people for too long.SERENE

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