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purple colored items to wear of the homecoming usage

I crack up on how I must be one of the biggest crybabies ever. I cry all the time- when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm laughing and when I'm mad. I think it must be from all the times I had held back my tears so I wouldn't have to pour out what was going on times have changed.

Many times, I can spend time with someone and in just a couple minutes they are pouring their tears and heart out to me. Yesterday, when I meditated for a few minutes, I shed a tear (t ... his is not abnormal for me lol) and it wasn't because I was sad. It was because I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for my ancestral and spiritual guides, The Universe, God, my inner wisdom and everything in between for shifting me to be where I'm at...for allowing me to see the signs, to feel and speak from my heart. I'm not perfect but I'm grateful for the lessons that continue to pave the way for me to learn how to better connect with so many of you. purple colored items to wear of the homecoming usage

Tonight, at Love Peace Harmony, I had tears fill my eyes and joy in my heart to be surrounded by like-minded people who not just want, but do make this world a better place.

I understand the beauty in tears and I understand why some may feel uncomfortable when they cry or when they see someone else crying. It's so interesting how many view tears with pain but majority of my tears are filled with gratitude.

I love so many of you.

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