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prom party wears specially for thick waist

I normally don't do this but I can't help myself. Most of you know I've been wearing a waist trainer from I've bought three trainers from this site to be exact. I recently ordered a smaller one and it arrived in a cheap plastic bag similar to what children's Halloween costumes come in. I was a little confused but didn't think anything of it. When I do to try to put it on I notice the hooks are different. When I go to hook it, the hook slips right back out and ... doesn't stay in place. I even laid it out on the bed and tried to hook it all and had the same result. I was really disappointed. So, I emailed the company and let them know. They told me that they had a lot of complaints about the previous trainers made in China so these are from Columbia. I simply said I was dissatisfied and wanted to return the product for a refund refund ( it wasn't even worn). They tell me I can't do that they only take exchanges. Why on earth would I exchange a product of poor quality for something just as bad? That makes no sense. They just sending me a link of their terms and conditions. I asked does it say anywhere that the product has changed? I was under the impression I was ordering the same product I've purchased previously. They tell me it says in the description that they're made in Columbia. But it doesn't say the products have changed. And all the waist trainers in their photos and videos are the previous product with the different hooks. They told me if I want a refund to contact my financial institution. I could not believe. I work with people everyday. Yes there are rules. But I also know the rules can be bent under certain circumstances. They stopped replying to my emails when I asked for a supervisor. Needless to say I won't be purchasing from them and I urge everyone to share this and not purchase from them either. Such a shame that a company that I wasted so much money on doesn't give a crap about the consumer. prom party wears specially for thick waist

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