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prom party apparels look gorgeous

PLEASE READ IT MAY HELP YOUR FUR BABIES IN THE LONG RUN... I really feel like that stupid vet at animal hospital of north Asheville let my puggie die! She saw all the signs, she knew all the symptoms, she knew it would rapidly kill her but did she even care to do anything about it!?!? No!!! She didn't..... She took ex rays she knew the tumor would cause fluid to build up on her lungs she saw the fluid, did she try to drain it off??? No!!!! She put her on some meds that ... made her have seizures instead and even after I took her back and told her that medicine made her have a seizure she said we'll well just cut back on it bc I don't think it did.... But I looked it up and sure enough it said will cause convolutions not "may" but WILL... I took puggie to that stupid vet 4 times in about 2 weeks but all she wanted to do was keep feeding her more and more pills! Like WTF lady? Really? You want me to just keep my pug doped up on opiates to keep her " comfortable" long story short it was never about the money on my part I even sold my vehicle to get her took care of.... or that she wouldn't pull through the Anastasia....then it was she was going out of town bc her uncle died.... she just kept making excuses after excuses bc she didn't want to do the folks be advised don't go to animal hospital of north Asheville they let your babies die!!! prom party apparels look gorgeous

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