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princess ball styled gown of wedding

9/23 update - MORE CODES ASSIGNED! Check your name below. **Special note - Out of 30 codes assigned on 9/20, (18) of those members who were assigned a code did not either use the code or comment they did. This creates a ton of extra work on our part to reassign and track codes. If you comment that you want a code on any of our posts - PLEASE check back on it frequently.

My personal experience with these pillows:
So I ordered 2 of these in King size, and wanted to share ... my experience with you guys. These pillows are awesome, and the real deal. They showed up compressed just like the mattresses in "gift giving" as I call it packaging. Meaning packaging nice enough to buy these as a gift and it not look like inexpensive Chinese Amazon stuff, know what I mean? Anyway, they expanded fully in about an hour or two and they were DREAMY to sleep on. The king size I ordered was long enough to curl around my chest area to hug while keeping my head on it, so it was like a body pillow for me too. It just cradled me perfectly. No funny chemical smell, they just kind of had no scent at all. I highly recommend you grabbing them if you're not happy with your pillows. Pictures below. Now off to buy a few for my in-laws for Christmas! princess ball styled gown of wedding Queen King

--- NO LIMITS, order as many as you'd like.

These highly rated Bamboo Pillows have a memory foam liner, and normally sell for $22.95
Just $11.47 with codes below for Queen
Just $12.48 with codes below for King

Single use promo codes below. I've already emailed the seller and asked for more codes, so hang in there, more coming likely in the next 24 hours!

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