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Tiah, I am tuckered out doing what you normally do. A lot of things are happening. I think we have Gidget adopted by a nice family in Long Island. They have a backyard. Two teenagers, Dad, and Grandma. All dog lovers. Dad will take her for training. We need communication to get everything done though. He is working on putting a gate across the one side of the yard that is not fenced. They do not have any other animals at the house so it is perfect for her to get all ... the attention. On top of that the kids come home from school for lunch! The live right by their school. Once we have communications I hope you can talk to the Dad.
Also, have one of the girl/dobie mixes adopted. If we can get it together and there is a spot for a pup on the flight, she can leave with a friend of the family next Monday to New York, they already have their ticket to fly. Adopters are friends of yours. I need the name of the person flying still for health cert.
Then, exciting news for Rincon in general. A friend of yours, Frankie Schifano, is flying in on a private jet with dog food/cat food for you to distribute to those who need it, several Doctors and Nurses (I am not sure what community they will go to) and crates for 15 small size dogs or cats. They will take 15 dogs/cats back to a shelter in Florida where they can be adopted. He is also going to try and work with Jeani D to help her get all the supplies she is collecting down to those who need it on a second run at another date. pageant celebrity garments for girls
I need you to check on a couple older ladies.
Clay's flight was cancelled and they do not know when they will be able to reschedule.
I have not seen any communication from Rincon today. Hoping you can call me with pen ready to give you the names of the ladies and also to see if we can get the one of the girls to the vet for travel papers.
I also need an address to mail Amazon stuff to.
Please find a way to call me in the morning. Too late in the day now.
I love you, Momma Sherry Stern

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