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over 50 mature ladies collections for a cocktail party

ADULT Children... How well do you know your MOM? Copy, paste, and fill-in the blanks, Then tag them to give you their grade. over 50 mature ladies collections for a cocktail party

Carla Elswick Warren

Now let's Be Honest:


1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching?

2. Usually, what dressing does she eat on salad? French

3. Name something she hates?
When her grand baby get in trouble! (She makes every effort to save them from it)

4. What does she like to drink?
Coke or Coffee

5. What kind of music does she like?

6. What is her nickname for you?
Bub or mommy's baby boy

7. What is something she loves?
Her grand baby Isabella

8. What is her favorite color?

9. What would she never wear.
Anything that don't match

10. You bake her a cake; What kind of cake is it?
Red velvet cake

11. Favorite animal?
She ain't about all that lol

12. What could she spend all day doing?
shopping or sleeping or playing with Bella

13. Who is her favorite child?
Me that's a given

14. How many grandkids does she have?

15. Favorite season?
Summer cause you can't force her out of the pool.

Love you mommy

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