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not long items with white lace decorated

Mum's!! Answer the questions about your FIRST born. The one who made you a Mum!

1. Epidural? No
2. Father in the room? Just Granny
3. Induced ? No ...
4. Know sex beforehand? Yes
5. Due date? 28th,29, or 30th march
6. Birth date? 29th march
7. Morning sickness? All day every day
8. Food cravings? Jelly baby's & cheesy watsits
9. Pounds gained? Lost half stone!
10. Gender of the baby? Boy
11. Place you gave birth? Ninewells
12. Hours in labour? 29(from first pain to birth)
13. Weight: 6lb 2oz
14. Name: Stuart
15. Age now: 24 yrs

*Come on Mamas! Let's hear your story! Copy and paste. Change my answers to yours. not long items with white lace decorated

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