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It depends on what may be causing the nausea. Is it due to dehydration, food poisoning, vertigo, pregnancy or travel sickness?

So make sure you are drinking enough, eating lightly (avoid acidic foods), getting enough oxygen into the body and relaxing. A simple herbal remedy is fresh ginger root and chamomile tea (2-3 slices of fresh ginger root and a chamomile tea bag).

You can also press the acupressure point P5 on your wrist to help alleviate the nausea. It is about 1 inch ... (2.5cm) from the wrist crease.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell. As other practitioners have mentioned, it's important to find the direct cause of your nausea. It could be related to your blood sugar balance, blood pressure, anxiety, food intolerance etc.

Sea Bands can be helpful, they apply gentle pressure to the scupuncture points in the wrist.

It does depend on what is making you feel nauseous, however things like ginger may help. If its digestive then peppermint tea also. You can also press a point two thumb widths from the wrist crease on the underside of your arm in the gap between the two bones gently which should reduce the feelings of nausea.

Why not try the cleansing diet for a day or two. Have short grain brown rice as your main staple together with lightly steamed seasonal, local and organic vegetables. You can add a little tamari (wheat free soya sauce) and up to two tablespoon of unrefined olive oil and/or flaxseed oil. Short grain brown rice is very hydrating as it absorbs up to three time its amount of water. It passes slowly through the digestive system and leave the body enough time to absorb water. Nausea can be caused by dehydration. However, as previously suggested it is important to find the cause of your nausea. mint pastel wears for prom

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