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long sleeved prom party items

Testimonial Time..... From Voxx Testimonial page

Wendylee LeJeune

Voxx socks and insoles have honestly changed my life. I am a diabetic, I suffer from diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, gout, double sciatica, lower back pain and the list goes on. I was taking 17 perscriptions and 3 narcotics trying to deal with my pain. My days seemed cloudy at best and I was in constant pain. I began wearing my Voxx socks and insoles last July. I am 99.9% pain free. I no longer cry out in pain....I no longer take all those medications....I have way more energy....I can walk and shop again AND I am on a journey to help as many others as I have been helped. I still have all those ailments but I have no pain as long as I'm wearing my product. Even my foot surgeon told me there are no medicines or surgery to offer me that can give me more than what I'm getting from my Voxx products. ......oh and without all those medicines I was taking, each day is now a clear not cloudy day. long sleeved prom party items