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long black evening dresses

Help us help them,Please!! Every little bit helps..

Anthony Trawick 22 hrs

Be sure to share!! Reaches more people even if you're unable to help. Thanks!
Tennessee for Families is taking up for a family in Lebanon who lost everything in a house fire yesterday morning. Nobody was hurt, but the family will be in need of clothes immediately. Gently used clothing such as shirts, pants, and shoes are acceptable. (Please be mindful of pet hair allergies or smoke sensitivities) long black evening dresses

We have 3 drop off locations:
•1st location
506 Davidson St, Nashville, TN 37213. Please see Sara Lammers to schedule a drop off time.
•2nd location:
Rubys kitchen
559 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN 37214. Please see Charlen . 10am till 8pm
•3rd location:
Insurance Services at 2320 North Mt. Juliet rd in Mt.Juliet.. 8:30am to 4:30pm
Please see Kelly .

Sizes for the family, plus dress code for school clothes listed below for the 12 and 14 year olds.

•Boy age 14
Top- Men's Large**
Bottom- 38" (he mentioned he prefers shorts)
Shoe- 11
**Dress code clothes needed as well, see below**

•Boy age 12
Top- Men's Small**
Bottom- Boys 14 Husky or 16
Shoe- 10
** Dress code clothes needed as well, see below**

•Boy age 10
Top & Bottoms: Boys' 16/18
Shoe 9.5-10

If you have access to clothing for parents:
Husband: L tops, 29"x32", 10.5 shoe
Mother's sizes:
Women's 16 bottoms
XL tops.

Dress code requirements for clothes are as followed:

(must have a collar/ like a polo shirt)
Colors Allowed
*logo no larger than a quarter*

•Undershirts/ Sweatshirts/Sweaters
Colors allowed

Colors allowed
-hunter green

- Solid color coats and jackets maybe worn during the school day.

- If the coat or jacket has a pattern or anything but just one solid color, student may wear to school but must keep in locker during school day.

- All shoes are permitted as long as they are respectfuland appropriate.

** No Flip Flops**

**All school logo and spirit clothing is allowed**

Please note that all clothing must fit the student well. Clothing must not be sagging or be to form fitting. Appropriate sizes is a must!!

-Belts must be worn and shirts must be tucked in.. (Each and everyday)

**Gift cards are acceptable for the family to allow them to shop for dress code clothes if you wish to go that route**