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lavender or purple colored items to wear for the wedding

go beyond th hard labors of human acedemic farming in a straight row planting,,, bugs travel in a straight line in a mono culture human mind plan,, its a disaster beyond redemption,, plowing n lets try this n that,, fighting against insects is war,,, one bug eats another nature is a
perfect balncing powerfull regenerative living being ,, go all the way,,, restoration of th wild,,, in th area find what grows and lil by lil allow everything that can live in that area thrive: ... see masanobu fukuokas' natural farming,,, we need to get life in natures lead,, from th wild ,, nothing of th typical make a mini desert then haulin lots of soil n stuff planting in a straight row,,, its so labor intensive,,, global restoring th ancient forests of plants trees medicines herbs fruits n foods fungi & every possible flower n bug n bird n creature fish n let nature be! natural gardening is food n health of all lavender or purple colored items to wear for the wedding
life nature free of human attempts to
control,,, fren Forest Solmer brought Masanobu to turtle island to share his expierences at abundant kife seeds foundation ,,, this is from th intention of truest purest healing of all including ourselves,, as th amazon indigenous n a few indigenous are doing for
millenia beyond time,, get in th foraging ways of what is,,, freedom is right next to humanity,, unseen,, listen to your inner most dear one

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