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latest fashionable evening party wears

Refund problems - I'm struggling to get a refund on some garments that were sold to me at Redheart a couple of days ago. After trying these on at home, the heat of my body caused these garments to stretch and slip - the dress that should cling to the bust and act like a corset type bodice simply slides down the body and will not act as a dress at all. The matching jumper, which is supposed to make the dress cling to you, doesn't! I asked for a refund immediately I found this out, and have been refused. It has even been claimed by Redheart that these items were in a sale and this is the reason why I am refused a refund. I couldn't see any sales notices anywhere, and believe me, these prices are pretty eye watering so if this was a sale then I'm amazed at what a full price garment would cost. This is poor practice in my book. These clothes are not cheap, and whilst I like to encourage independent textile designers, as I am one myself, the lack of consideration and customer care in refusing a refund for garments that the customer finds unsuitable (ie not as described or claimed) is very, very disappointing. I believe this is actually a contravention of Customer Rights as the skirt/dress is not fit for the purpose for which it was sold. I do hope this post will act as a warning to others to take care when purchasing from this company. It is a great shame as they did seem an ethical company to me on the face of it. latest fashionable evening party wears :(