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Just want to inform and educate anyone who is taking care of the elderly or this might happen to one of us baby boomers. There is such a thing that occurs to the elderly who are hospitalized called ICU Psychosis, Hospital Delirium, among other names.
Years ago they used to tie people down to the bed or put them in the psycho ward. Now with all of the baby boomers getting older, at least they won't think we're all going crazy. Here's a write up on it in case it happens t ... o someone you know so you're prepared to deal with it:

My dad was fine after the angioplasty procedure, no chest pain, and ready to jump out of bed & go home on Saturday. After giving him meds for this & that, by Sunday he started having hallucinations. And yesterday morning he was totally out of it, it was scary & very taxing. Had to call my daughter, Alanna, to be with me as we kept him talking about other things vs. focusing on strange things. He saw all these things on the ceiling/wall, bugs crawling, little kids visiting him, airplanes flying on the walls, even monkeys with little hats on. He even got out of bed at night and took all of his wires off and almost choked himself when the nurses ran in to intervene. One had to stay with him the rest of the night. At least the doctors we had understood this as they had learned about it in school but didn't believe it until they actually experienced this in their practice with their patients. lace decorated with backless styled items for the wedding

Since my dad isn't used to taking medicines much less strong ones, it really affected him. When I pulled up with the car at the hospital to go home, he exclaimed that the car was so old(it's not). Saw trees/debris on street. Didn't recognize the house but remembered it was Monday night wrestling on tv. He threw one shoe in the garbage & the other was stuck in his recliner. Claimed the tv was blowing up. Unreal. After a restful night's sleep, he woke up realizing that he was back home in a familiar environment & then realized all of the nonsense that he saw (and even the dr. said being that he is blind he saw all of these things in detail & in color and his vision had improved). But today his vision is back to worse but he has his mind back. Have to keep watch over him as it can reoccur within 2 weeks.

So, be very diligent as to what medicines and dosages they are giving your loved ones in the hospital. Any sleeping pills will only exacerbate the problem. It's very depressing to the caregiver as the person who went in to correct one problem, developed another one, albeit temporary, hopefully!

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