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lace coverd with long sleeve wear of the wedding

Breast cancer is a Hoax

When I was about 14 one of my nipples became more swollen the other, and was very painful, it was like it for months, I went to the doctor and I remember him NOT being able to diagnose me only put it down to "well boys you're age go through things, our bodies change, funny things happen in which we can't explain" and put it down to a natural occurrence, eventually it just went away lace coverd with long sleeve wear of the wedding
Drugs like risperdal and even excessive milk can cause lactation
Now ... before "breast cancer symptoms" were revealed, women would have gone through these systems alot, put it down to nothing untill it passed
So why do they false diagnose and operate?
1. The nipple for transsexuals, 2. Breast tissue which is extremely valuable to them for God knows what, and I don't care!
The main thing is you should never read anything from the internet, self diagnose and seek a doctor which is never needed

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