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lace coverd with long sleeve items to wear of the wedding

I've lived both sides of the fence I learned early on respect, manners, family, religion, trust, honesty, and a lot of other things, but these were my stepping Stones to make me a productive part of Society, but see I forgot and picked up using cause I wanted to be part of the cool kids group maybe then I wouldn't of got picked on, well I was right I didn't get picked on no more after that it was weird but then I was hooked now years after that I had tried numerous types of d ... rugs over the 12 year period to find out that there all the same addiction will chew you up and spit you out.
I tried to quit using in highschool with my girlfriend, she tried to get me too quit for a long time and I'd tell her I wasn't doing anything, yet while her back was turned I was getting high and she caught me one afternoon, then I seen how hurt she was to see me lieing to her and using still. so the next morning I quit tobacco, drugs, cussing( which was hard cause I sounded stupid),soda, and we started back in church, and N.A meetings.
After 3 months I enjoyed it then came 6 months I loved it I've never had so much fun or been as happy ever I had money we did things I'd of never wanted to my family trusted my actions and choices and the things I did was not questioned any more the friends I had had feel like flies they had no reason to hang with me I wouldn't get them drugs and I sure the fuck wouldn't do any with them, so what use did they have for me I had a really good job too but eventually everything good must come to an end but I chose to use again lace coverd with long sleeve items to wear of the wedding
I'm an addict that's my nature and always will be it's my struggle and my fight.

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