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As I am getting ready to try to sleep, there are a few things I need to get off my chest.
This last year I have met some wonderful people that I am so grateful for.
God put them in my life for a reason.I think you know who you are.
Anyone can tell you whatever they want about me, and that's ok.
The blood family who would always be here for me no matter what, checked out on me while I was very septic and sick the last couple of years. ...
I am very hurt and disappointed in the family I had, but I am learning to deal with this.
My non blood family is, and has been here for me since the day I was released from 4 months of near death to continued home care.
It's very said when my 'new family' are the only ones I have to put on my medical power of attorney and living will. Who call and text me to check on me when they don't have to, and would come running whenever I need them. how to get sexy wedding wears which won't cost much
That's what I thought I would always have with my blood family.
I asked my self over and over why I am still here on earth. Well, I know one thing for sure, I wouldn't have met these wonderful people if I wasn't!
Some I have known for years, and some I have only met here on social media. But I love you all!
God has Blessed me with these wonderful people in my life.
And I won't go any further, but I do know this.
God knows the truth! He knows all, and he will be the judge of us all.
The one thing I always tried to do in my life is be there when I am needed or wanted.
Not to make myself look good about myself by putting others down.
God Bless you all for being in my life.
I will always have memories.
Thank you for listening.

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