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holiday outdoor wears for cocktail party

# GIFT_OF_A_LIFETIME written by Splendor_Gee
# Fiction
We started talking as if we've known each other all our lives. He talked about everything and nothing and eventually, we ran out of conversations. I got up to look around the tiny one room apartment so I could find a topic and break the awkward silence that was already developing. He came up behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist, drawing me up towards him. He placed a gentle kiss on my nape and his lips slowly des ... cended to my back while his hands found my breast. I had to stop him because we were not dating and he was just a Facebook friend who had the pleasure of meeting me for the first time. well, as we all know, its totally unladylike to let a guy you barely know touch you in such intimate manner, I had to put stop to the seduction but Lord help me, as I whirled around to order him to stop, he kissed me full on the lips. My first reaction? Shock! Then again, Its not every time your crush kisses you like that. After all the late night chats and flirting online, pardon me if I chose to savour the moment but then things got heated and the alarm bells went haywire in the part of my brain that wasn't consumed by the pleasant sensation from his finger tips on my skin..
Now, I had to stop him for real but how do you talk sense to a guy who's already sexually insane? He started promising me the whole world if only I'll let him ride on the blissful sea only a woman can provide. When I vehemently declined, Mehn, the nigger got angry! Shit was about to get real. He pushed me to the bed, tore my dress and pant and magically maneuvered his way into my womb. The ride was bumpy and painful and I was helpless and weak from struggling. Finally the deed was done and he smiled in satisfaction. He got the trophy, He won without protection. He gave me something to worry about; the chances of being pregnant... actually, he gave me two things to worry about; Pregnancy and the fact that my sex video was all over the internet the following morning. holiday outdoor wears for cocktail party
Suicide was indeed my next line of action but why kill myself when I'm going to die anyway. I could not afford to miss the look on his face when he discovers that I infected him with a deadly Virus, HIV.
if you ask me, I'll say I'm the real victor in our life ruining game
# Splendor

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