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Reestablishing and maintaining physical health is a vital part of a Total Quality Life (TQL). For many people, establishing the habits that sustain good health is mostly a matter of resolve. We know we need to eat less, exercise more, and get proper rest ; we simply must take the daily changes that allow us to act on those good intentions. For some of us, however, there are more significant health problems involved, problems that requ guest wears for winter wedding ... ire the advice or treatment of a physician. If you have not had a physical checkup recently, now is the time to get one. Consult your Dentist also . This is important even if you do not have a known health problem. Don't wait for a toothache or a broken bone. Early detection of problems is the best way to live a healthy total quality life .

Is it possible to make the changes that lead to good health? You bet it is . A Total. Quality. Life requires maintaining total quality fitness, and that's you can do.


Take these five actions to solidify your resolve to pursue. TQL

1. Schedule an appointment for a complete physical examination with your doctor. Ask, " what do I need to do to improve my health?"
2. Choose one positive change you will make concerning your diet. List the choice along with today's date in your TQL journal.
3. Choose a form of exercise that appeals to you such as walking, tennis, or biking. Set a goal for the number and duration of workouts that you
will do in the next month.
4. Log the number of hours that you sleep each night for two weeks. If the average is less than seven hours, identify one change you can make
increase the amount of time that you sleep.
5. Identify three stress- busting activities that work for you. Make a specific plan to engage in one or more of those activities twice a week.

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