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grey and sliver items for cocktail party

Last night Darren came home from his new job and I had a terrible headache all day, nausea, terrible pains in my stomach, dizziness and sweating. I told him and whilst he was sitting down doing homework with our White Tiger Cub, he closes his eyes and holds my hand. Within minutes the pain subsided, my headache cleared, I stopped sweating and had absolutely no dizziness. I went from lying down with a hot water bottle and Panadol to being able to cook dinner and put our little grey and sliver items for cocktail party ... one to bed. I had no more pain, no nausea, no dizziness absolutely nothing!!!! Now I have to say despite the years that we have been together I still go wow!!!! I felt awesome!!! None of it returned!!! If you are suffering I say don't suffer alone whether the pain is emotional or physical. Darren has this gift to help people!!! Truly amazing!!!! So incredibly lucky to have him in my life. Truly blessed!!!

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