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country rustic wears for prom party

kinda proud of myself, deturmined to get my junior year of college body back i have been on an extreme diet, and tonight i just didnt feel like eating what i have to eat to get the weight i need for that body, but at 2am even though i was not hungry at all nor did i feel like cooking, the goals i set took over in my mind and i went ahead and crammed down 5 eggs, a chicken breast, pack of tuna fish over fresh advocado covered with shredded mozzerella and italian dressing for f ... lavor, as well as a pack of peaches and cream oatmeal with a spoon full of peanut butter, and maple glazzed ham chopped up into an extra egg scambled all together. thats almost all protein, now a quick workout and i can go to sleep feeling not feeling like i cheated myself on my diet..............oh for anyone else who is or was a skinny kid and always had hard time gaining weight i found a great website called nerd fitness, it basically sum'd up everything i had learned over the 6 years i was really trying to figure out how to gain wait being so skinny and nothing was working no matter how much i worked out. it will really get the point across that eating is whats most important, it will gives you a shopping list and ideal intake as well as basic workouts for fastest results, its cool because its so simple basic and blunt, no scientific stuff, no bull shit get big quick pill, just straight up what food to eat and lifts to perform. i already knew all the information it provided from lots of trial and error and found it was what eventually worked for me, country rustic wears for prom party Adam Mitchell particular i would suggest reading it and getting that free grocery list they offer.

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