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country dresses for a wedding in western style

I've been waiting for this time to come, even though I dozed off, please help me celebrate A Star, a Queen to a king,a pretty Queen,i call her my love, my Angel, my life, we can sabi how to talk all the rubbish we want to talk, we can sabi how to fight n settle back, nobody settles our fight, her name is Erica Omosefe Kemmzy ,today is her day, this lady is always after my smiles, she calls me 24/7,she can make me laugh ehn,specially from me n from my bottom of my bottom down h ... eart, I wish u HBD, LLNP, Age with Grace, more money in ur account, more guys dying for u, n Good bringing the right person when is time, I love u so much Erica Omosefe Kemmzy MI, I say to u HBD again, enjoy ur day, beat anybody beatable n call my number, I would come n fight for u, n I want to say please from my heart, forgive me that I didn't call u, am out of card, please, viewers, likers n wishers, please help me beg her in advance, please, coz I don't have card. I love you, HBD my JEWEL. country dresses for a wedding in western style

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