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consignment wears for formal party

Hours creep by as I'm on standby waiting to roll. I make my living one load at a time. Chasing white lines hours on end to put food on the table. When I'm able help others out there's no doubt make it happen. Never been one for crowds or folks that are too loud. I'm proud of what I do and getting it done when it's needed. But seems these days folks rather cut each other down while they say we need stand together. I miss the days of old like the rest. But to degrade someone be ... cause they do it different doesn't make your cause very significant. We say we're a band of brothers and sisters while we sucker punch some in the kisser. We shouldn't fight each other but big brother. That's who wishes smother out the little guy. But time after time I see you at each other's throats when really we all in same boat. I don't ride on coattails of others . I'd rather discover a different way to earn my pay. You say you want me it better for us all but all in see you do is call names while someone else you try flush down the drain. When I say there my friends that means I stick with them to bitter end. We are all different but still the same. So in this game of push all day shove I just hope that one another we could love. consignment wears for formal party

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