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cocktail party wears in yellow

Live at The Roslyn is a web series we created where you can watch bands, from the comfort of your OWN home, on Facebook Live. In our first season we completed 25 episodes and each week we are playing re-runs and telling their story leading up to the second season beginning November 1st.

Episode 19: Solhounds Feb. 22nd 2017

We were flying high after featuring Attica Riots and having our most views yet on an episode. Most importantly we felt like our processes were all coming ... together and shows were going much smoother. We used to always be so stressed leading up to shows due to so many things that can go wrong. Things like internet connection, Facebook Live, sync, power outages and other things always kept us on our toes and we tried to prepare for the worse each week.

Solhounds were a band we had wanted on our show from the start as we loved their sound and live energy. The only thing was that they were a little too hard rocking and we had always asked bands to strip down but this wasn't something they were too keen on. Being that we are in an apartment we have to be conscious of how loud we're being (we don't want to push it too far!). Eventually we just booked them and let em do their thing!! cocktail party wears in yellow

They came very well prepared and had a great vision of how they wanted to appear. The smoke machine and strobe light really added to the episode and they looked/sounded killer!!!

It certainly was very loud, everyone in the room even needed ear plugs but they blew us all away with a great performance. Of course, the next day we got a noise complaint (or compliment as we say) slid under our door. We were surprised as our building was well aware of our show and it was our 19th episode but it turns out the complaint came from another building across the street!!! Lol

Be sure to check out Solhounds page and come see them live tonight with Lonewolfe and The bloodshots at The Good Will!

Thanks for reading/watching! Keep doing what you do, as you...and spread the LOVE!!

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