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cocktail party selections in coral

Heartbreaking. How can the government continue to deny infants and children access to a life changing natural medicine? So many Republican officials claim they are "Pro Life" but what kind of life is it to have seizures and be hopped up on pharmaceutical drugs as soon as you enter this world? Heroin is a real addiction that has been shown to be helped by cannabis use. There is no major harm that occurs to a baby in utero of someone who uses cannabis (don't believe me I can fi cocktail party selections in coral ... nd 5 moms right now who will tell you their own stories). Republicans need to stop looking to the past for their information and see here and now that CANNABIS SAVES LIVES!
I challenge everyone who reads this to contact their US Senator and Representative and demand they allow medical cannabis access for EVERYONE in need! Together we CAN and WILL make a difference!!

# cannabisheals # cannabissaveslives # saynotodrugs # bigpharmakills # natureismedicine # endthewaroncannabis

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