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cocktail items for extra sized people

This is a sequel to the post 'why tall, muscled guys should stick to petite ladies.'

Tall girls are wonderfully made and so are short guys.
Following the rules of balanced equations and proper fractions: ...
tall boy + short girl = bliss
tall girl + short boy = bliss
tall girl + tall boy = disturbing
short girl + short boy= *coughs* somebody get me waaateer!

I've stayed with tall girls long enough to know that they're egoistic, so, they need to look beside them and be humble! *Dodges heels from Kechi Ohaka and Adaobi Ezirim *
By the way, tall girls keep thinking they're in a competition, reason they love heels. Ahn Ahn! How can you be tall and still wear heels? Please, you need a short guy in your life to understand that no one is competing with you.

There are a lot of great reasons why a tall girl should choose short guys over tall ones, I'll state few of them:

- Short guys are good kissers
They don't pour all the saliva in their mouths into yours; their kissing expertise includes ass grabbing, head twisting, etc. They've got great lips, too.
Oh, one more thing - as a tall girl, you might just need to sit while they kiss you or better still, you'd need to bend a little - that shouldn't hurt.

- They're smart
I don't even need to expatiate this point. They know a little of many things.

- They posses terrific machine guns
By terrific, I mean awesome machine guns. These guns aren't necessarily huge but they can work it. Isn't that what you all want? I can hear someone screaming 'yeah baby' - my sister, you're blessed.
Unlike tall guys who would need to summon strength from their heads down to the waist region, short guys don't need to wait for long before the strength comes. They be hitting that spot right and if you're not satisfied, tell 'em to use their legs (I'm sure it's longer). cocktail items for extra sized people

-Dress sense
They have a great dress sense. Imagine you looking all great with a well dressed guy beside you - aww,so cute. Take a look at Eniko and Kevin Hart. Beautiful, I tell you.

- You can easily adapt punitive measures
Ermm, if a short guy annoys you, it's very easy to punish him. Just drop whatever he might need on the rooftop or a raised cupboard and that's it.

So, baby girls (I'm talking to tall ladies) give that short guy a chance. Leave tall men jare, short is bae.

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