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It is with a very sad heart to say that Ford has passed away. He died during a recent night of age related problems. He was 13 years of age. One ear up and one ear down. There will never be another Ford.

Ford lived an exceptional and extraordinary life. He was loved by many and yet in his unique and proud style, he answered to no one. He grew up on the beach of Hikkaduwa, surviving on his wits, determination and perhaps most of all, his charm.

Even though on any day h ... e had the offer of free food and lodging, for the most part he preferred to rough it. He was a free spirit. Sleeping in the sand, the floor of Ranjiths Bar or by Galle Road was the way he liked to live. Sometimes the question would be asked "Is Ford your dog?". The answer was always the same - "He is not owned and belongs to no-one - he is his own dog".

Ford would roam many kilometers along the beach to Thiranagama and beyond and also way into the jungle. Most dogs are limited to a patch of just 100 meters or so. Ford though, as some had named him, was the King. He was King not because he was mean or even that tough, but because he had a presence, a charm and an attitude that convinced him he had total rights. The only times you would see him running from dogs was when adoring female dogs chased him for his affection.

They say cats have nine lives. It is estimated that Ford crossed the treacherous Galle Road more than 15,000 times! He despised new cars with shiny wheels and would see them off down Galle Road. He was hit at least once by a Tuk Tuk - and was told he would never properly walk again. As if. After some of the dog gang wars on the beach it looked like his time was over (there must have been 10 of them!!!). But, as always, he bounced back, happy, strong and perhaps with just a few more scars on his big white face. bohemian style gowns for formal party show

Ford has two kids (that we know about!) and was loved by many people, an international mix from their time visiting and staying in Hikkaduwa. Some friends he met on the beach, some at Ranjiths over beers at 3.00am in the morning, some at Funky De Bar party nights and others in more civilized moments with cappuccino and cake at the coffee shop. If you connected with Ford, you knew it, even if he didn't go out of his way to show it.

The short photo video that follows is a tribute to Ford. Set to the song "My Way' because that is how Ford lived his extraordinary life.

Words cannot properly describe how greatly he will be missed.

Watch and listen on the following link

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