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A year's worth of planning and sneaking around payed off on the 22nd as I surprised Kathryn Nickles Roehm with the biggest surprise that I have EVER been able to pull off. She knew we were booked on Carnival Cruise ship for a family vacation including her mom and dad, Janice Morrison Estes and Gerald Estes, as well as my mom, Kaye Roehm , but what she didn't know was that for our 20 year anniversary I had secretly planned our renewal of vows at see by Captain Lorenzo Calogero of the Carnival Fantasy.

It was only with the help of many of the Carnival family like Janela, wedding coordinator, Romelo, photographer, and Captain Lorenzo that things were perfect. My main partner in planning this was our daughter, Morgan Roehm . From convincing Kathryn which dress to buy, shoes to coordinate with, and finding the answers to all the questions I needed, she was instrumental in making this a beautiful moment.

We were remarried in the library of the Fantasy. Our party was Kathryn, myself, our kids, and both sets of parents. Kathryn's maid-of-honor was our daughter, Morgan, who wore the same color dress as the original wedding party. In her arms she held a picture from the wedding including Kathryn's late sister Jennifer. My best-man was our son, Brady. In his arms he held a picture from the wedding including my late father Chuck. The cake color and icing matched our original wedding cake. As we cut the cake Janela even played the song that I sang to Kathryn when we were first married. ball gowns dresses cost below 100

All of this happened on the 22nd which was our 20th wedding anniversary and the last sea day of the cruise. It was a beautiful ending to a wonderful vacation. With everything that could have gone wrong, or anyone who could have accidentally ruined the surprised keeping it together so that she was surprised, thank you.

Only twice in the time that I have been blessed with Kathryn have I ever seen that look on her face. It was the look of a pure-hearted, innocent, compassionate soul, elated to tears. She was consumed by memories and mournful for those no longer with us. That tearful surprise is what drives me. For in that brief instant I knew that I had truly touched her heart. For just a split second she felt the weight of my love for her everyday.

I will be eternally grateful to those who helped me carry this out. Kathryn now has her storybook and the pictures from it to cherish forever.