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Some thoughts on the IHL Open Division.

So far, and I know I speak for quite a few people, IHL has been super fun and really nice to get to know all the okes you flame during pub games :-)

For those of you who had a rough start, don't give up!


Some small feedback I can think of:

If you are drafting, please be considerate and articulate about what you want to draft. Each player has his or her own strengths and ideas about playing a game of dota. I love split pushing and playing greedy offlaners for example, don't assume every person playing on your team plays the same way and has the same philosophy on how to win a game. Work together and you'll get results. Just because you have the drafting cap it doesn't mean it's 100% up to you.

On Leadership in game: Often times 5 people executing a bad plan as a group is better than 5 people executing 5 good plans individually. Some people have strong leadership predispositions and have the tendency to assume control. If you, like me, like being in charge and there's another person who also has the same traits, sometimes its better to take the back seat for this game. Be the better person. Communication and teamwork is what wins you games against better players.

Lastly, on 5k+ people playing in the Open Division: Please be mindful that people playing here are looking for competitive and fair games. Much in the same way you're looking for the same in your division. If you do queue open would you mind taking that into consideration if you're drafting. Stacking 5k mmr+ players on one team isn't going to do much for morale. We're competitive by nature and having pro players playing open division means that the playing field is disrupted a bit. affordable full-figured wears for formal party below 50

Break up the good players, play non core positions, show a bit of leadership and be willing to lose a few games. Remember that we (the open division players) don't have the opportunity to join in your queues and if we did we'd have to exercise some form of respect.

Anyways, thanks to the organisers, things are going pretty well IMHO and I think the environment is played in a way that dota is intended, let's keep that up.

You guys have all been awesome so far.

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