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Open Back Prom Dresses 2020

Greer Grammer, from the TV series Awkward, is known for her beautiful skin. She finally braved posting her results with Rodan + Fields, and I bet there are others who could benefit from hearing her story! Here's what she shared:

"For those who don't know, from the age of 19-21 I suffered from adult acne. I had clear skin my whole life and one day my skin started breaking out and never cleared up. It was debilitating - I cancelled auditions because of it, skipped my college cl ... asses, and there were days where I wouldn't even leave my room. During the 3rd season of Awkward my make up artists BEGGED me to go on Accutane so that I could 'make their job easier,' and I left my dermatologists office bawling when he refused to put me on it. I tried everything. EVERYTHING- medications, home remedies, prescription washes....Nothing worked.

ENTER Rodan + Fields. I had seen before & after photos on Facebook and after months and months of saying no, I finally said sure, why not? I was sure it was like everything else and was not going to work. I had every intention of emptying the bottles and getting my money back. But guess what? After ONE month using their Unblemish & Soothe regimens my acne was GONE. (I still had redness and marks but there was NO active acne). It was the ONLY thing that cleared my skin. Open Back Prom Dresses 2020

Come 3 years later, I am still using their products, and while I get the occasional pimple or 2, my skin is NOTHING like it used to be. I've been so scared to ever show my own before and after photos, but I'm tired of hiding them and not showing people how truly amazing these products are. SO HERE THEY ARE!"

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