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One Shoulder Dresses 2020

This is about dreams a section I'm thinking of putting in my book One Shoulder Dresses 2020 introduction

I'm talking of the dreams when your not awake ...
When your mind on a journey it does you take
You see people not allways sure who they are
But their in your memory don't know where from or how far
You're on a horse maybe fleeing a foe
Maybe lovers for what reason you'll never know
There's people passed on to a new world as they will
Have they come back to warn us or comfort us still
They say if a person you know appears in your dreams so surreal
That their thinking of you do you think that's really real
You awake in the night a cold sweat maybe fear
Was that a dream why in my eye drops a tear
If. I go back to sleep will I reenter that place
Or for no reason I think of the tears roll down my face

By Roy

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