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There are many reasons behind the bad smell at the back door. Here are some reasons and some measures to eliminate the odour.

Normally, good hygiene habits prevent butt dour. But in some cases, even though you keep yourself clean, butt odour troubles you and makes you feel embarrassed.

Sometimes, dietary reasons or lifestyle changes could cause the bad smell down there. And yes, even stress can cause it though that sounds strange.


Here are some more reasons as well as preventive measures to avoid the bad smell at the back odor.

1. Sweat
You can blame sweat especially if the odour is present during sunny days or sweaty days. Though sweat doesn't have its smell, the bacteria that breeds in that area emit smell when it sweats more.

2. Hygiene
After passing bowels, it is important to wash the area thoroughly. The remnants of stool can be one reason behind the bad smell at the back door.

3. Antibiotics
If you have been using antibiotics, that could be one reason.

4. Proctitis
Inflammation in the rectal lining and conditions like inflammatory bowel disease could also be among the reasons behind bad odour at the butt crack.

5. Cold Showers
Some sources say that a cold shower can control the bacterial growth. Also, having two showers a day can help but it could makes your skin dry.

6. Anti-Perspirant
If your skin specialist or doctor prescribes you a cream, lotion or antiperspirant, use it to get rid of the odour. But without consulting the doctor, don't use any product on the back side as it could irritate the skin. Mother of Groom Dresses Summer 2020

7. Other Reasons
Ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, wetness, hemorrhoids and even gluten intolerance could be among the reasons.

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