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Cocktail Dress 2020

Food is so treacherous and confusing it's not wonder half the country has a weight problem. Example: Was trying to sort out what to grab for fast dinner so we can work on the house longer (it seems the closer we get to done the further away the end line spirals!) and was looking up calories at Arbys. You'd think the wraps are the healthiest option other than the salads, but nope, both options have a lot more calories thant eh grand turkey club with a full bun. it's the lowest non-salad turkey option they have. Without looking it up, I never would have known that and eaten more calories thinking I was eating less. I'm starting to see more and more calorie information popping up on menus everywhere, and it really helps make better c hoices, but I suspicion there are laws requiring it instead of restaurants wanting to be helpful. Cocktail Dress 2020