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In this teaching, the word "maniy" is used. It is an Arabic word referring to the sexual discharge (sperms of male or female).

The scholars of the standing committee for Issuing Fatwas said, "The basic principle concerning it is that maniy is pure and we do not know of any evidence to suggest that it is impure." [Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa'imah, 6/416].


Ibn Taymiyah also said, "With regard to maniy, the correct view is that it is pure, as is the view of ash-Shaafa'i and Ahmad, according to the well-known report from him.
It was also said that it is impure, but it is sufficient to scratch it, as is the view of Abu Haniifah and Ahmad, according to the other report.
And it was said that it must be washed, as is the view of Maalik.

The first view is the correct one, because it is well-known that the Swahaabah experienced wet dreams at the time of the Prophet (swal'Allahu alaihi wa salam) and that maniy would get onto the body and clothes of one of them, and this is something that affects everyone. If it were impure, then it would have been obligatory for the Prophet (swal'Allahu alaihi wa salam) to instruct them to remove that from their bodies and clothes, as he instructed them to clean themselves after relieving themselves, and as he instructed the menstruating women to wash the menstrual blood from their clothes. In fact, the issue of getting maniy on one's body or clothes is far more common than the issue of menstrual blood getting onto the woman's cloth. Best Cocktail Dresses 2020
It is well-known that no one narrated that the Prophet (swal'Allahu alaihi wa salam) instructed any of the Swahaabah to wash maniy from his body or clothes; thus it is known for certain that this was not obligatory for them, and this is definitive to anyone who examines the matter."

[Majmoo' al-Fataawa, 21/604, 605].

Aishah (radhi'Allahu anha) said, "I remember scratching it (maniy) from the garment of the Prophet (swal'Allahu alaihi wa salam) thoroughly, then he prayed in it." [Muslim, #288].
It is well-known that scratching is not sufficient to remove impurity, which indicates that maniy is pure.

Further proof may be found in the fact that this liquid is the origin of the sincere slaves of Allah, such as the Prophets, swideeqs, martyrs and righteous people, and the wisdom of Allah dictates that the origin of these righteous people cannot be impure." [Ash-Sharh al-Mumti', 1/388].

Indeed Allah says, "Did We not create you from a worthless water (semen, etc.)?" [77:20].
"So let man see from what he is created! He is created from a water gushing forth (flowing suddenly)." [86:5-6].

In conclusion, maniy is twaahir (pure) according to the more correct of the two scholarly opinions, so one does not have to wash or change their clothes when semen or female sexual discharge gets onto it, as is the case with a wet dream.

And Allah Knows Best.


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[77:20] [77:20]