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1920s vintage inspired garment for cocktail party

At some point, I just realized that as bad as I have always wanted to be a Laker, I never wanted to be another Kobe Bryant. I grew up on him as he grew up on Jordan and he on Dr. J. I accept that, now. Sure, I still can play. I still beat everyone and have never lost a one on one with one questionable exception to an OG for $5 when I was locked up and I'm obviously still healthy enough, donating plasma but I'm ready to be a fan 4 life, now. I'll get back into my Alma Mater un 1920s vintage inspired garment for cocktail party ... iversity, again, where just like UNLV they'll beg me to do one year and go pro but that's no longer a desire for me. I may post a video from Venice Beach when I get back home tho. Music is totally different. It's like it's calling for me to take it to another level, a place no one's ever witnessed it & quickly while those in the industry before me can witness the evolution. I would love to do a collaboration with Janet Jackson, J. Lo or Madonna!!

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